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BCRC is a secure repositoy for the microorganisms by freeze-drying, -80°C freezing and liquid nitrogen. The computerized culture preservation system is applied to maintain the microorganisms. Duplicated cultures are preserved in other safe place to prevent loss upon accidents.


  How to deposit

 Biological resources by public deposit will be available. The relative information will be provided from the online catalogue of BCRC.


  How to charge

 Free of charge





  Futher information
生物物質寄存申請書 寄存菌種資料表(基因庫)
寄存微生物資源資料表(細菌 / 放線菌) 寄存微生物資源資料表(真菌、酵母菌、黴菌、蕈類)
寄存細胞資料資料表(人類細胞株) 寄存細胞資料資料表(動物細胞株)
寄存基因資源資料表(宿主) 寄存基因資源資料表(質體)