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BCRC offers a safe deposit service for long-term preservation of microorganisms where the distribution of the strains is restricted at the discretion of the depositor. Please contact with Miss Liu for further information.


  How to deposit

 All information concerning the deposit will not be passed to the third part and will not be included in the BCRC catalogue. It is at the discretion of the depositor to terminate the deposit at any time and ask the BCRC to destroy the stored cultures.


  How to charge
  The price of microbial resource is NT$6000 for the first year. The maintance fee is NT$3000 for each year. The price of cell resource is NT$10000 for the first year. The maintance fee is NT$6000 for each year.   108年9月1日調整收費(元/件)
 1.1 冷凍乾燥管4℃保存年費(盒)   4,000
 1.2 冷凍管液氮保存年費(大/小盒)   20,000/8,000
 1.3 液氮槽儲存年費(槽)   價格另議






  Futher information
生物物質寄存申請書 生物物質寄存申請書(異地保存)
寄存微生物資源資料表(細菌 / 放線菌) 寄存微生物資源資料表(真菌、酵母菌、黴菌、蕈類)
寄存細胞資料資料表(人類細胞株) 寄存細胞資料資料表(動物細胞株)
寄存基因資源資料表(宿主) 寄存基因資源資料表(質體)
寄存菌種資料表(基因庫) 寄存微生物資源資料表(藻種)