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BCRC holds three domains of bioresources: microbial resources, cell resources and gene resources. More than 12,000 resources were available.




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  • 如何成為BCRC會員
  • 訂購限制說明
  • 冬蟲夏草菌種購買後說明

  • 如何進行 網路ATM轉帳
  • 如何進行 信用卡線上付款
  • 如何進行 超商代收
  • 如何進行 其它付款方式:劃撥、ATM、電匯、支票、付現
  • 如何進行 諮詢與進度查詢說明

  • 生物安全委員會同意書(僅提供格式參考,請依貴單位同意書格式為主)
  • 管制性生物物質分讓申請書
  • 生物材料TW1之移轉使用承諾書
  • 資源中心核心設施使用同意證明單填寫範例:
  • 1.資源中心核心設施使用同意證明單_範例__人類胚胎幹細胞


購物目錄 成為BCRC會員


BCRC has set up reference material production standard procedures, which were evaluated by TAF based on ISO guide 34:2009 . With fulfillment of the audition process, BCRC has become a recognized Reference Material Producer since April, 26, 2012.

Category and Subcategory of RM Produced   Item  Parameters  
B8.1 Reference Cultures   Bacteria   Purity, Morphology、Gene Sequence Analysis  
B8.1 Reference Cultures   Fungi   Purity, Morphology、Gene Sequence Analysis  
B10.1 Reference Cells   Cell line   Viability (total cell count and viable cell count), Growth properties, Morphology, Mycoplasma contamination testing,  

Biological reference materials produced by BCRC under ISO Guide 34:2009 accredited process offer confirmed identity, uniformity and stability. Apart from excellent after sales services, detailed reference material product sheets and certificate of analysis are also provided with each purchase.

The following BCRC CRMs are now available:

BCRC number   Other collection number  Name / application   Quality controls 
ATCC 6633
DSM 347
JCM 2499
NBRC 3134
NCTC 10400
NRRL B-765  
Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii
/Strain for growth promotion test stated by Pharmacopoeia  
Cell counts and Purity
Growth promotion
Biochemical tests DNA
sequence analysis  
ATCC 16404
CBS 733.88
DSM 1988
IMI 149007
NBRC 9455  
Aspergillus brasiliensis
/Strain for growth promotion test stated by Pharmacopoeia  
Cell counts and Purity
Growth promotion DNA
sequence analysis  
Derived from ATCC;
ATCC number: CCL-1  
NCTC clone 929
/Reference Cell line for "Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity"  
Cell number and Cell
Cell growth
Cell morphology
Mycoplasma test Sterile test
STR-PCR DNA profile  

Biosafety Note:
1.According to the CDC in Taiwan, the biological materials belong to the BSL 2 or above should be approved by the Biosafety Committee of the institute when the materials will be introduced, deposited, distributed or destroyed.
2.Order the biological materials from BCRC, please send the approval of the authorities.
3.To get the information of BSL of biological materials in BCRC, please search the online catalogs.
4.Reference site of the Center for Disease Control of the Department of Health in Taiwan (links to
5.Reference site of Public Health Agency of CANADA, Material Safety Data Sheets for Infectious Substances


category of strains   Price (for academic)   description  
Grade A   General strain   NT$2,500   Bacteria, Yeast, Actinomycetes, Filamentous fungi, Plasmid, Host and Bacteriophage  
Grade B   Special cultivation of strains   NT$5,000   Mushroom, Vibrio genera, Microaerobes and those that are not adapted to freeze drying.  
Grade C   Hard cultivation of strains   NT$6,000   Thiobacillus、Thiobacillus ferrooxidans、Methanogen、methylotrophic bacteria、Helicobacter pylori, and biosafety level 3 bacteria.  
Grade D   General Cell lines   6,000   Human and animal cell lines  
Grade E   Genetic Library   US$340   Genomic DNA  
US$340   GenomicDNA   6,000    

1. Extra charges such as shipping fee and handling charge will be added on international purchases.
2. The bill duties and taxes from customs will be paid by recipient.

處理費(依每件訂單處理狀態收取)   Price (for academic)  
1   常溫   100  
2   冷藏   200  
3   冷凍   700