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61. Fusarium dimerum
On PDA, growth is slow, with pale orange, pionnotal sporodochia formed in the sparse and whitish to pink aerial mycelium...
Ascomycota >> Ascomycetes >> Hypocreales
62. Pseudocercospora acaciae-confusae
Spots on pseudofolium suborbicular, usually somewhat vein-limited and irregularly angular, 0.5-2 mm wide, dark brown or when older grey in the center with dark margin, often confluent...
Ascomycota >> Dothideomycetes >> Dothideomycetes
63. Pseudocercospora hyaloconidiophora
Fruiting on swollen tissues of the pseudofolium ('false leaf) caused by the rust fungus Poliotelium hyalospora (Sawada) Mains...
Ascomycota >> Dothideomycetes >> Dothideomycetes
64. Rhexocercosporidium panacis
Colonies growing very slowly on Potato Dextrose Agar at 25℃, white initially and becoming grayish-brown or pale gray in aged, superficial, villose, often forming pale white zonation, reverse black or blackish-brown...
Anamorphic fungi >> Anamorphic fungi >> Anamorphic fungi
65. Cercospora castillosae
Leaf spots mostly aggregated along the margin of the leaf, suborbicular to irregular, dull brown to grey, 0...
Ascomycota >> Dothideomycetes >> Dothideomycetes
66. Cercospora malayensis
Leaf spots orbicular to irregular, 1-10 mm wide, tan to dingy grey, usually with a purple or red border...
Ascomycota >> Dothideomycetes >> Dothideomycetes
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