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41. Fusarium subglutinans
On PDA, growth is rapid, with delicate, white to pink or pale purple, aerial mycelium. Orange to tan sporodochia and dark blue sclerotia are present or absent...
Ascomycota >> Ascomycetes >> Hypocreales
42. Pseudocercospora abelmoschi
Leaf spots indistinct or yellowish to dark brown angular-patches, often with a yellowish halo, 2-4 mm wide...
Ascomycota >> Dothideomycetes >> Dothideomycetes
43. Pseudocercospora bradburyae
Leaf spots angular to irregular, 1-4 mm in diameter, or coalescing into larger spots, brown or tan, with an indefinite orange-coloured halo...
Ascomycota >> Dothideomycetes >> Dothideomycetes
44. Pseudocercospora subsessilis
Leaf spots circular to angular, 2-5 mm wide, sometimes zonate, tan, grey or pale brown, each zone being bounded by a dark brown line, on dried specimen appearing grayish to whitish and punctiform in the center, with a narrow dark margin...
Ascomycota >> Dothideomycetes >> Dothideomycetes
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