Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Dothideomycetes >>  Order: Dothideomycetes 
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 Scientific Name: Pseudocercospora pteridophytophila

Pseudocercospora pteridophytophila Goh & Hsieh. Trans. mycol. Soc. R.O.C. 4(2):25-38, 1989.

 Description: Leaf spots irregular, without definite margin, dark brown, 2-4 mm wide, often confluent. Fruiting amphigenous. Secondary mycelium absent. Stromata substomatal, subglobose to elongated, brown, up to 35 μm wide. Conidiophores densely fasciculate, subhyaime to very pale olivaceous, substraight to variously curved, irregular in width, not branched, geniculate, 0-2 septate, rounded or subtruncate at the apex, 15-50 × 2-5 μm; conidial scars unthickened and inconspicuous. Conidia acicular or filiform, hyaline, curved or undulate, 4-8 septate, not constricted, 30-70 × 1-1.5 μm; hilum unthickened and inconspicuous.

Taiwan, Miaoli Hsien, Cholan, 2 Aug. 1984, holotype NCHUPP-37 (isotype in IMI Herbarium No: 312078).

 Habitat: On leaves of Cyclosorus acuminatus (Houtt.) Nakai.





W. H. Hsieh

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