Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Dothideomycetes >>  Order: Dothideomycetes 
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 Scientific Name: Pseudocercospora millettiae

Pseudocercospora millettiae Goh & Hsieh. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sinica 30(2):126-127 1989.

 Description: Leaf spots small, up to 1 mm wide, scattered, irregular in shape, dark brown with a yellow halo, identical on both surfaces. Fruiting hypophyllous. Secondary mycelium absent. Stromata none or just a few brown cells. Conidiophores up to 15 in a fascicle, cylindric, pale brown, uniform in colour, straight, rarely branched, 0-1 geniculate, 0-4 septate, sometimes slightly constricted at the septa, 55-100 × 3.5-5 μm, the apex usually rounded towards the truncate conidial scar (1-3 μm wide). Proliferation is normally percurrent, the conidiophores growing through the old thin apical scar (sometimes slightly to one side of it) and leaving the torn margin of the scar visible as a pseudo-annellation. Conidia (annellospores) olivaceous to pale olivaceous brown, cylindric, rarely obclavato-cylindric, straight to mildly curved, indistinctly 2-7 septate, sometimes slightly constricted at the septa, obtuse at the apex, sometimes some of the conidia may produce secondary conidia (also annellospores) at the apex, truncate or short obconically truncate at the base, 28-90 × 3-4.5 μm.

Taiwan, Taichung Hsien, Kukuan, 18 Jan. 1988, holotype NCHUPP-107a

 Habitat: On leaves of Millettia reticulata Benth.





W. H. Hsieh

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