Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Dothideomycetes >>  Order: Dothideomycetes 
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 Scientific Name: Cercospora malayensis

Cercospora malayensis Stevens & Solheim. Mycologia 23:394 1931.

 Description: Leaf spots orbicular to irregular, 1-10 mm wide, tan to dingy grey, usually with a purple or red border. Fruiting amphigenous. Stromata none or up to 50 lim wide. Conidiophores 5-20 in a compact or divergent fascicle, pale to dark olivaceous brown, multiseptate, straight, tortuous or 1-7 geniculate, not branched, fairly uniform in colour and width, 25-200 × 3-5.5 μm. Conidia hyaline, acicular, straight to curved, indistinctly multiseptate, subobtuse at the apex, truncate to subtruncate at the base, 25-200 × 2-5 μm.

Taiwan, Taipei, 18 Aug. 1919, Herb. NTU-PPE, on Hibiscus esculentus L., labelled as Cercospora hibisci-esculenti Sawada.; Chiayi, 2 Jan. 1920, on Hibiscus sabdariffa L., labelled as Cercospora hibisci-sabdariffae Sawada.

 Habitat: On leaves of Hibiscus spp.

British Solomon Islands, Brunei, Cuba, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua, Philippines, Salvador, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan, Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad, Uganda, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Hsieh, WH and Goh, TK. 1990.


W. H. Hsieh

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