Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Dothideomycetes >>  Order: Dothideomycetes 
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 Scientific Name: Cercospora cercosporelloides

Cercospora cercosporelloides Deighton. Mycol. Pap. 133:58 1973.

 Description: Leaf spots suborbicular to angular, 1-3 μm wide, brown, visible on both surfaces, on the upper surface with a darker slightly raised margin. Fruiting amphigenous, white. Secondary mycelium absent. Stromata small or up to 30 μm wide, composed of colourless cells. Conidiophores up to 12 in a fascicle, emerging through the stomata, colourless, not branched, smooth, erect or divergent, geniculate, 1-3 septate, 25-70 × 3.5-6 μm; conidial scars thickened conspicuously, 1-2.5 μm wide. Conidia colourless, obclavate, smooth, straight or slightly sinuous, 1-5 septate, not constricted, obtuse at the apex, tapered gradually or sometimes more abruptly at the base to a truncate, 25-75 × 3.5-6 μm; thickened hilum.

Taiwan, Taichung Hsien, Kaoyuan, 17 March, 1944, holotype in Herb. NTU-PPE.

 Habitat: On leaves of Canavalia ensiformis DC.



Hsieh, WH and Goh, TK. 1990. Sawada, K. 1959.


W. H. Hsieh

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