Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
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 Scientific Name: Dactylaria brochopaga

Dactylaria brochopaga Drechsler, Mycologia 29: 514 1937..

Newly proposed epiphet: Arthrobotrys brochopaga (Drechsler) S. Schenck, W.B. Kendr. & Pramer, Can. J. Bot. 55: 982. 1977. (Index Fungorum); Drechslerella brochopaga (Drechsler) M. Scholler, Hagedorn & A. Rubner, Sydowia 51: 99. 1999. (MycoBank).

 Description: Vegetative hyphae hyaline, septate, 1.8?4.2 μm in diam; conidiophores hyaline, septate, erect, slightly tapering, 80?420 × 3.5?8.0 μm, bearing denticles and conidial clusters at the apex; conidia hyaline, straight or slightly curved, cylindrical to elongate ellipsoidal, mostly 3-septate, 22?40 × 5?10 μm; trapping nematodes by means of constricting rings.

Pingtung County, Wandan, soil, 7 Aug. 1991, G001 (BCRC 32659), J. Y. Liou

 Habitat: soil

Burkina Faso, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, USA


Tzean, SS. et al. 1997


G. Y. Liou, S. S. Tzean and J. Y. Liou

 Note: D. brochopaga is characterized by trapping devices. Conidia with 2-4 septa are slightly curved, cylindrical and borne on denticles from conidiophores apex. Correction concerning Dactylaria brochopaga see Mycologia 32: 467 (Drechsler, C. 1940).