Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
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 Scientific Name: Arthrobotrys conoides

Arthrobotrys conoides Drechsler, Mycologia 29: 476. 1937..

 Description: Vegetative hyphae hyaline, septate, 2.2?8.0 μm in diam; conidiophores hyaline, erect, septate, rarely branched, proliferating repeatedly; conidiogenous head bearing short denticles; conidia hyaline, elongate-obovoidal, with one media septum and constricted at the septum, broadly rounded at the tip, distal cell larger, 18?38 × 8?16 μm; trapping nematodes by means of three-dimensional adhesive networks.

Taiwan, Taipei City, National Taiwan University campus, stem, 13 Oct. 1989, D001 (BCRC 32660). J. Y. Liou

 Habitat: stem

Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA


Tzean, SS. et al. 1997; van Oorschot, C.A.N. 1985.


G. Y. Liou, S. S. Tzean and J. Y. Liou

 Note: A. conoides is characterized by its three-dimensional adhesive networks. Conidia are more than 22 μm in length, elongate-obovoidal, 1-septate and constricted at the septum.