Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Ustilaginomycetes >>  Order: Exobasidiales 
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 Scientific Name: Muribasidiospora gordoniae

Muribasidiospora gordoniae Shih, Hsieh et Fu, Bot. Stud. 49:277, 2008..

 Description: Fungi infecting lower young leaves and forming red leaf spots. Leaf spots conspicuous, red, irregular, slightly hypertrophic; abaxial lesion surface covered with thick, protruding, white and powdery hymenium, making the leaf slightly curled. Hymenium composed of basidia, basidiospores and conidia. Basidia rupturing from epidermis, cylindrical, fewer thickened at the basal basidia, 120–170 × 5–7 μm, with 2–3 sterigmata. Sterigmata subulate, 3–4 × (1–)2–2.5 μm. Basidiospores broad obovoid, muriform septa, 15–21 × 5.5–7 μm. Conidia short fusiform to filiform, bacilliform, 4–11 × 0.6–1.5 μm. Basidiospores on water agar germinating to produce short bacilliform conidia in the periphery by budding without germ tubes. Colonies on PSA yeast-like, sticky, smooth, pale yellow at the surface of the culture, about 1 cm at 22 ℃ after 47 days growth, consisting of abundant budding secondary spores. The optimal growth temperature is 20–25 ℃.

On Gordonia axillaris (Roxb.) Dietr.: Taiwan. Taichung: Anmashan, 5 May 2006, TNM F0020737, BCRC34277 (living culture).

 Habitat: On leaves.



Hsieh et al., 2008.


Shih, H. H.

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