Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Polyporales 
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 Scientific Name: Phanerochaete brunneocystidiata

Phanerochaete brunneocystidiata Sheng H. Wu, Mycotaxon 90: 423. 2004..

 Description: Basidiocarp resupinate, effuse, submembranaceous-pellicular, 80-200 μm thick in section. Hymenial surface pale brownish gray or clay-coloured, smooth, cracked when old; margin thinning, paler, pruinose-filamentose. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae simple-septate. Subiculum fairly loose, up to ca. 150 μm thick, with fairly loose texture; hyphae variously oriented, colourless, 2.5-4 μm diam., with 0.4-0.8 μm thick walls. Hymenium can be thickening; hyphae colourless, 2-3 μm diam., thin-walled. Lamprocystidia immersed or emergent, arising from subiculum or hymenium. terminal or pleural, subulate, brownish, 25-80 × 5-8 μm (with encrustation), with 0.8-1.8 μm thick walls, those from subiculum usually with elongated, tubular basal parts. Basidia clavate, 20-30 × 5.5-6 μm, 4-sterigmate. Basidiospores narrowly ellipsoid, smooth, thin-walled, 5.5-7.5 × 2.7-3.3 μm, IKI–, CB–.

Taiwan: Taitung: Lanyu, Hungtoushan, alt. 350 m, on branch of Freycinetia formosana, 23 Apr 1997, Chen 646 (TNM), alt. 500 m, on branch of Freycinetia formosana, 24 Apr 1997, Chen 666 (holotype: TNM; isotype: K); on the way to Tienchih, alt. 100 m, on branch of Freycinetia formosana, 1 May 1997, Wu 9705-37 (TNM); alt. 280 m, on branch of Fteycinetia formosana, Wu 9805-14 (TNM), alt. 200 m, Wu 9805-23 (TNM).

 Habitat: null



Wu, SH. 2004.


S. H. Wu

 Note: Phanerochaete brunneocystidiata resembles P. crassa (L?v.) Burds. in having brown lamprocystidia with elongated, tubular basal parts, and having similar-sized basidiospores. Phanerochaete crassa grows on hardwood, having resupinate basidiocarps with reflexed margin. Phanerochaete brunneocystidiata differs from P. crassa by growing on Pandanaceae (so far known from Freycinetia and Pandanus), have absolutely resupinate basidiocarps, and bearing shorter cystidia.