Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Polyporales 
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 Scientific Name: Perenniporia tephropora

Polyporus tephroporus Mont., Ann. Sci. Nat. Ser. 3 vol. 4: 358. 1845..

Perenniporia tephropora (Mont.) Ryvarden, Norw. J. Bot. 19: 233. 1972..

 Description: Basidiocarp resupinate, effuse, hard, adnate. Context dark brown, up to ca. 300 mm thick in section. Hymenial surface pale gray or yellowish gray, poroid, not cracked; margin abrupt, usually brown. Pores ± angular, 5-8 per mm; dissepiments fairly thick; tubes up to 2 mm deep.Hyphal system trimitic; generative hyphae nodose-septate. Context fairly homogeneous, with fairly dense texture. Contextual generative hyphae colorless, 1.5-2.5 μm diam., thin-walled; skeletal hyphae dominant in context, brownish, 2.5-5 μm diam., with a distinct lumen, dextrinoid; binding hyphae fairly rare, yellowish, 1.5-2.5 mm diam., dextrinoid. Trama with dense texture. Subhymenium not thickening. Cystidioles present, fusoid, 13-18 × 5-7 μm, thin-walled. Basidia clavate, 13-17 × 6-8 μm, 4-sterigmate. Basidiospores ellipsoid-truncate, colorless or slightly yellow, 4.5-5.7 ×3.5-4.2 μm, with ca. 0.4 μm thick walls, ± dextrinoid.

Taiwan. Miaoli: Tahu, Shuiliutung, on branch of angiosperm, 25 Oct 1994, Chen 252 (TNM).

 Habitat: null

Pantropical and subtropical.


Wu, SH. 1996.


S. H. Wu

 Note: In the genus Perenniporia, this species is distinct by having resupinate fruiting body and grayish hymenial surface.