Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Hymenochaetales 
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 Scientific Name: Phylloporia chrysita

Phylloporia chrysita (Berk.) Ryvarden, Norw. J. Bot. 19: 235. 1972..

Basionym: Polyporus chrysites Berk., Hooker's J. Bot. 8: 233. 1856..

 Description: Basidiocarp pileate, sessile, single or imbriate, semicircular or almost circular, usually with umbo, always around branches of living angiosperms, up to 12 cm diam. and up to 3 cm thick at the base, generally hard, slightly spongy for the tomental part. Upper surface brown to dark brown, with several distinctly sulcate zones, with thick and compressed tomentum; margin sharp or obtuse, yellow. Tomentum up to 2.5 cm thick at pileal base, thinning towards pileal margin, separated from the context by a thin black zone, section brown. Context up to 4 mm thick, yellowish brown. Tubes up to 4 mm deep, ivory yellow. Hymenial surface brown or pale brown, poroid. Pores angular, 6-8 per mm. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae simple- septate. Tomental hyphae brown, fairly straight, 3.5-8 μm diam., with 1-2 μm thick walls. Contextual hyphae brown, 3-6 μm diam., with 1-2 μm thick walls, quite often with secondary septa. Cystidia lacking. Basidia subclavate, 20-25 × 4-4.5 μm, 4-sterigmate. Basidiospores yellow to pale brown, subglobose, smooth, thin- or slightly thick-walled, 2.8-3.5 × 2.5-3 μm, IKI–, CB–.

Taiwan. Taitung: Orchid Island, between trash treatment field and Tienchih, alt. 100 m, on branch of living Alyxia insularis, 1 May 1997, Wu 9705-7, 9705-44, 9705-46 (TNM); alt. 250 m, on branch of living A. insularis, 22 Apr 1997, Chen 577 (TNM).

 Habitat: null

Tropical Asia and tropical America.


Wu, SH. 1998.


S. H. Wu

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