Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Hymenochaetales 
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 Scientific Name: Hyphodontia ovispora

Hyphodontia ovispora (Corner) T. Hatt., Mycoscience 44: 271. 2003..

 Description: Basidiocarp resupinate, effuse, adnate, membranaceous, usually fibrillose. Context up to 200 μm thick. Hymenial surface cream, pinkish cream, or buff, poroid, cracked when old; margin concolorous or paler, fairly determinate, shortly filamentous. Pores angular, 5-9 per mm; tube layer up to 200 μm deep; dissepiments 50-150 μm thick. Hyphal system seemingly dimitic; generative hyphae clamped. Context with fairly loose texture; generative hyphae variously oriented, ± horizontal near substratum, colorless, 2-4 μm diam., with 0.5-1 μm thick walls, occasionally finely encrusted. Trama with dense texture; skeletal-like hyphae yellow or colourless, 2.5-5 μm diam., with 0.7-1.5 μm thick walls, dominant in central trama; generative hyphae similar to those of context. Generative hyphae of dissepiment surface with finely encrusted apices. Capitate cystidia distributed in context, trama, and hymenial layer, colourless, 20-40 μm long, with 5-10 μm diam. globose apices, thin- or slightly thick-walled, encrusted with brownish yellow resinous material. Basidia suburniform, 12-18 × 4-5 μm, 4-sterigmate. Basidiospores broadly ellipsoid, smooth, thin-walled, 3.7-4.3 × 2.8-3.3 μm, IKI–, CB–.

Taiwan. Taipei: National Taiwan University campus, on branch of angiosperm, 22 Mar 1991, Wu 910322 (TNM). Ilan: Chilanshan, alt. 400 m, on branch of angiosperm, 18 Nov 1992, Wu 9211-5 (TNM). Taichung: Chiapaotai, alt. 850 m, on branch of angiosperm, 6 Dec 1991, Wu 911206-29 (TNM). Nantou: Lienhuachih, alt. 700 m, on branch of angiosperm, 1 May 1988, Wu 880501-38 (TNM). Kaohsiung: Liukuei, Shanping, alt. 750 m, on branch of gymnosperm, 7 Nov 1991, Wu 911107-25 (TNM).

 Habitat: null

SE Asia.


Wu, SH. 2000.


S. H. Wu

 Note: Hyphodontia ovispora is a common species in the subtropical and tropical belts of lowland Taiwan. All collections were made below 850 m. Wu (2000) first reported this species from Taiwan, by the name H. tropica Sheng H. Wu.