Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Sordariales 
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 Scientific Name: Chaetomium globosum

Chaetomium globosum Kunze, 1817, Mykol. Hefte 1:16. Chaetomium chartarum Ehrenb., (1818). Chaetomium fieberi Corda, (1837). Chaetomium lanosum Peck, (1876). Chaetomium orientale Cooke, (1877). Chaetomium olivaceum Cooke & Ellis, (1878). Chaetomium kunzeanum Zopf, (1881). Chaetomium cymatotrichum Cooke, (1883). Chaetomium varium Delacr., (1897). Chaetomium elasticae Koorders, (1907). Chaetomium cochliodes Palliser, (1910). Chaetomium flexuosum Palliser, (1910). Chaetomium setosum Bainier, (1910). Chaetomium angustum Chivers, (1915). Chaetomium subterraneum Swift & Povah, (1929). Chaetomium kauffmanianum Povah, (1931). Chaetomium ochraceum Tschudy, (1937). Chaetomium destum Batista & Pontual, (1948). Chaetomium fibripilium Ames, (1950). Chaetomium mollipilium Ames, (1950). Chaetomium lusitanicum Gomes, (1948). Chaetomium subglobusum Sergejeva, (1960). Chaetomium rectum Sergejeva, (1961). Chaetomium coarctatum Sergejeva, (1961). Chaetomium spiculipilium Ames, (1963). Chaetomium aurangabadense Tilak & Reddy, (1964). Chaetomium coprophilum Narendra & Rao, (1974). Chaetomium cinnamomeum Subrahm. & Gopalkr., (1980).

 Description: Colonies with a daily growth rate of 4.0-4.2 mm, with a pale or olivaceous aerial mycelium and often with yellow, grey green, green or red exudates; perithecia ostiolate, superficial, olivaceous gray green or brown in reflected light, spherical, ovate or obovate, (146.0-) 201.45-215.10 (-248.2) × (219.44-) 252.44-273.30 (-365.0) μm; ascomatal hairs numerous, unbranched, flexuous, undulate or coiled, often tapering, septate, brownish; asci clavate or slight fusiform, stalked, 8-spored, evanescent; ascospores limoniform, usually biapiculate, bilaterally flattened, brownish when mature, (7.54-) 7.58-7.62 (-9.04) × (9.04-) 9.35-9.54 (-12.06) μm.

NTUCH-0082, from cockroach dung, Taipei County, Taiwan, Sep. 5,1990; NTUCH-0238, from cockroach dung, Jhongli City, Taiwan, Aug. 14, 1995;NTUCH-0249, from cockroach dung, Jhongli City, Taiwan, Feb. 7, 1996.

 Habitat: Soil, cockroach dung, paper, plant debris, seeds, compost.



Arx, JAvon et al. 1986.


B. Y. Hu and H. J. Hsieh

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