Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Sordariales 
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 Scientific Name: Chaetomium angustispirale

Chaetomium angustispirale Sergejeva, Not. Syst. sect. Crypt. Inst. Bot. Acad. Sci. U. S. S. R. 11: 115. 1956.

 Description: Colonies with a daily growth rate of 5.2-7.3 mm, with a pale or olivaceous aerial mycelium; perithecia ostiolate, superficial, subglobose to ovate, (175.2-) 233.93-244.89 (-292.0) × (233.6-) 272.08-287.59 (-335.8) μm; ascomatal hairs pale brown, spirally coiled and thinner; asci clavate, 8-spored, evanescent; ascospores are flattened, with one side concave and the other side convex, when viewed from the broad surface are elliptical, appiculated at both ends,(4.52-) 7.39-7.44 (-9.04) × (9.04-) 9.08-9.97 (-10.55) μm.

NTUCH-0032, from cockroach dung, Taipei County, Taiwan, Jul. 5, 1990.

 Habitat: Soil, cockroach dung, forest litter.



Arx, JAvon et al. 1986.


Y. Hu and H. J. Hsieh

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