Phylum:Chytridiomycota >> Class: Chytridiomycetes >>  Order: Chytridiales 
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 Scientific Name: Rhizophydium biporosum

≡ Phlyctidium bumilleriae Couch, J. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc., 47:256, 1932.

≡ Phlyctochytrium biporosum Couch, J. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc., 47:254, 1932.

Rhizophydium biporosum (Couch) D. Barr, Can. J. Bot. 51:969-970. 1973.

 Description: On 1/4YpSs agar: Sporangium spherical, 12.5-27.5 μm diam., or ovate with two to three papillae on opposite sides. Rhizoids either finely tubular or swollen into globular shapes, 2.5-5μm diam. Zoospores globose, 2-4 μm diam., or tapering, 3-5 μm in length, escaping from discharge pore, movement hopping. Color of colony white.

Yunlin: garden soil, 22 Jul 1992, NTNU S01c. Isolated on pine pollen from soil.

 Habitat: Soil.

USA, Great Britain, Egypt, Northwest Africa, Equatorial East Africa, SouthAfrica, Sweden, Taiwan.


Barr, DJS. 1973; Chen, SF. 1996; Chen, SF and Chien, CY. 1998.


S. F. Chen

 Note: The absence of an apophysis and ultrastructure of zoospore demonstrates that this species belongs to the Rhizophydium type (Chen, 1996), and we agree with Barr (1973) on revising Phlyctochytrium biporosum to R. biporosum.