Phylum:Chytridiomycota >> Class: Chytridiomycetes >>  Order: Chytridiales 
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 Scientific Name: Phlyctochytrium chaetiferum

Phlyctochytrium chaetiferum Karling, Mycologia, 29:179, 1937.

 Description: In 1/4YpSs slush: Sporangium spherical, 17.5-29 μm diam., with a broad apical discharge pore, 10-17.5 μm diam., inoperculate, urceolate after discharge. Sporangial wall bears 3-25 delicate, spinely hairs up to or exceeding 7.5-45 μm in length. Rhizoids extensively, arising from a spherical apophysis, 5-7.5 μm diam. Zoospores spherical, 3-4 μm diam., with a refractive globule, emerging in a vesicle surrounded by gelatinous material.On 1/4YpSs agar: Sporangium spherical or ovoid, 15.5-57.5 μm diam., largely, with a broad apical or subapical papilla, 17.5-30 μm diam., occasionally 2-4 papillae. Rhizoids arising from one to several main axes which from a spherical, fusiform, or irregular subsporangial apophysis, 7.5-12.5 μm diam. Zoospores spherical, 2.5-4 μm diam. Color of colony white to off-white.

Taiwan. Tainan: Kwantien, water-caltrop pond, 14 Jun 1998, CHNA 3701c; Taichung: Tungshih woodland, stream water, 24 July 1999, CHNA 4501c; Tainan:Tsengwen reservoir, 24 Jan 2000, CHNA 4703c; Pingtung: KaoPing River Weir, 23 Jun 2000,CHNA 4804a; Isolated with pine pollen from water.

 Habitat: Fresh water.

USA, Taiwan.


Chen, SF. 2002.


S. F. Chen

 Note: Thallus development belongs to Chytrium type. The rhizoidal system arising from a bulbous apophysis is different from a threadlike main axis of Rhizophydium chaetiferum. The long, spinely appendages on sporangial wall of this species is thicker than that on R. chaetiferum.