Phylum:Chytridiomycota >> Class: Chytridiomycetes >>  Order: Blastocladiales 
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 Scientific Name: Allomyces javanicus

Allomyces javanicus Kniep. Berichte Deutsch. Bot. Gesell, 47: 211, Figs, 1-7. 1929.

 Description: Hyphae sympodially or dichotomously branched. Zoosporangia ovoid terminal or catenulate; with one or several discharge papillae. Zoospores ovoid. Resting spores ovoid or subspherical, with rounded apex and truncate base; 30-45 × 40-70μ in diameter. Sexual plant similar to asexual. Gametangia somewhat irregularly arranged terminal; single in pairs, rarely catenulate; the male terminal or rarely subterminal, cylindrical, with narrow apex; pigmented; 35-50μlong by 25-40μ width; subtended by the somewhat larger; more ovoid female gametagium, which is 35-75μ long by 32-55μ in diameter.

Collected one isolate on hempseed from soil. (Oct. 9, 1973. Taichung;citus soil)

 Habitat: Soil and water



Scott WW. 1961; Sparrow Fk Jr. 1960.


T. S. Chiou and H. S. Chang

 Note: The resting spore of A. javanicus germinated after incubation for half year, and formed thallus on hempseed in water to initiate a new life cycle.