Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
 BCRC Number 22954     22953      
 Scientific Name: Rhodotorula slooffiae

Synonyms: Rhodotorula rubra (Demme) Lodder var. marina Kawano, Kojima, Ohosawa & Morinaga 1976.

Rhodotorula slooffiae Novák & Vörös-Felkai, Acta Microbiol. Acad. Sci. Hung. 9: 261-263. 1962.

 Description: Growth on YM agar: After 7 days at 25°C, the streak culture is pink, smooth, glossy but not mucoid, the cross section id flat to low convex. The edge is entire. Growth in YM broth: After 3 days at 25°C, the cells are ellipsoidal or globose. Cell size is 4.0-5.0 × 5.0-7.5 μm, single and in pair. Reproduction by multilateral budding. Dalmau plate culture on Corn Meal Agar: Pseudomycelium is absent.

Taiwan. Keelung, Bishia fishing port: seawater, 19 Jan 1999. 1-2-8 (CCRC 22953). Keelung, Bishia fishing port: seawater, 12 Jul 1999. 0207 (CCRC 22954)

 Habitat: air, terrestrial plants and animals, marine water, plants and animals, fresh water.



Chang, CW and Wang, PH. 2002; Fell, JW and Statzell-Tallman, A. 2000; Fell, JW, Boekhout, T, Uruburu, F, and Querol, A. 2000.


P. H. Wang

 Note: According to Fell and Statzell-Tallman (2000), they described Rhodotorula slooffiae was the synonym of R. minuta. But in the study of Fell et al. (2000), the rDNA LSU D1/D2 sequence of Rhodotorula slooffiae is different form R. minuta, they are separated species. Our sequence data of rDNA LSU D1/D2 sequence is the same with the sequence of Rhodotorula slooffiae in GenBank database.