Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
 BCRC Number 22955      
 Scientific Name: Rhodotorula minuta

Rhodotorula minuta (Saito) F. C. Harrison, Trans. R. Soc. Can., Sect. V, 22: 187-225. 1928.

Synonyms: Rhodotorula slooffiae Novák & Vörös-Felkai 1962.

 Description: Growth on YM agar: After 7 days at 25°C, the streak culture is pink, smooth, glossy but not mucoid, and low convex. The edge is entire. Growth in YM broth: After 3 days at 25°C, the cells are ovoidal, globose or elongate, 4.0-5.0 × 5.5-7.0 μm, single or in pair. Reproduc-tion by multilateral budding. Dalmau plate culture on corn meal agar: After 21 days at 25°C, pseudomycelium is absent.

Taiwan. Chiayi, Tungshih port: seawater, 23 Jan 1999. 5-8-9 (CCRC 22955). Miaoli, waipu fishing port: seawater, 16 Jul 1999. 5802.

 Habitat: air, clinical, terrestrial plants and animals, marine water, plants and animals, pick-les, fresh water.



Chang, CW and Wang, PH. 2002; Fell, JW and Statzell-Tallman, A. 2000.


P. H. Wang

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