Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
 BCRC Number 32631      
 Scientific Name: Penicillium phoeniceum

Penicillium phoeniceum van Beyma, Zentbl. Bakt. Parasitkde, Abt. II, 88: 136. 1933.

Subgenus: Aspergilloides

 Description: CYA, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 17-23 mm, center raised, pulvinate to crateriform, sulcate, dense, velutinous, margin entire, mycelium at the center and subcenter brownish violet (11D5-7), margin white; conidiogenesis sparse; exudate dull red to greyish red (10B3, D6, E7, F8); soluble pigment brownish violet to greyish red (11D5-7); reverse brownish violet (10D5-7). MEA, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 15-17 mm, center slightly raised, floccose, subcenter, velutinous, farinose, margin thin, effuse; mycelium white, pale red to pastel red (7A3-4); conidiogenesis conspicuous, greenish white to greenish grey (26B2-3); exudate and soluble pigment lacking; reverse margin yellowish white (4A2-3), at subcenter and center pale yel-low to greenish yellow (4C5-8). G25N, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 7-9 mm, center to subcenter raised, cushion-shaped, slightly depressed, sulcate, velutinous; mycelium Maiden’s blush to greyish red (8B4-5), margin narrow, low, floccose, white; conidiogenesis absent or sparse; exudate absent; solu-ble pigment ruby to ruby red (12E7-8); reverse ruby to dark ruby (12E7-8,F8). CYA, 5°C, 7 days: no growth. CYA, 37°C, 7 days: no growth. Conidiophores and conidia: conidiophores on MEA borne from superficial mycelium; stipes septate, apice vesiculate to spathulate, 56-195 × 1.5-2.4 μm, smooth, thin-walled, strictly monoverticillate, vesicles 4.7-7.5 μm, bearing verticils of 10-13 phialides; phialides ampul-liform to acerose, 7.9-11.2 × 2.3-2.8 μm, with long gradually tapering collula; conidia sub-globose to ellipsoidal, smooth-walled, (1.5-3.2) 1.9-2.8 × 1.9-2.4 (1.5-2.4) μm, borne in slender, compact columns.

Taiwan, Changhua County, Erhlin, from seed of pearl-barley, 12 Sept 1990.

 Habitat: from seed of pearl-barley.

Taiwan, Spain, UK.


Tzean, SS et al. 1994.


S. S. Tzean and S. C. Chiu

 Note: rare species, voucher culture CCRC 32631. Teleomorph Eupenicillium cinnamopur-pureum Scott & Stolk not seen in this study.