Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
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 Scientific Name: Dictyochaeta multifimbriata

Dictyochaeta multifimbriata R. Kirschner & C.-J. Chen, Mycological Progress 1: 287-289. 2002.

 Description: Colonies effuse, velvety, brown. Setae absent. Conidiophores (Fig. 1) macronematous, mononematous, solitary, simple, straight, brown, smooth, with several septa, 120–450 µm long, 7–11 µm wide at the base, 6–7 µm wide at the apex, with 0 to several proliferations. Conidiogenous cell (Fig. 2) monophialidic, terminal, integrated, cylindrical, in some cases slightly widened at or above the middle, with an apical, flaring collarette, 20–35 × 6–7 µm. Conidia (Fig. 3) aggregated in a white slimy head at the top of the conidiophore, hyaline, one-celled, reniform, guttulate when fresh or with 1–2 large and several minute drops after drying and subsequent mounting in KOH, 11–13 × 6–7 µm (mean: 12 × 6 µm, calculated from 20 conidia), with a truncate, 1 µm wide abscission scar, (2)3–6 (mostly 4) subbasal setulae and with 2–4 (mostly 3) apical setulae, setulae slightly flexuous, 8–12(15) µm long and not exceeding 0.5 µm in diam.

Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Chu Yun Shan Lin Dao, on dead twig on ground, associated with Tetraploa aristata Berk. & Br., 28 Apr. 2001, leg. R. Kirschner and C.-J. Chen 832 (HAST).

 Habitat: null



RÉBLOVÁ, M. 2000; Kirschner, R and Chen, CJ. 2002.


C. J. Chen

 Note: Dictyochaeta multifimbriata might be a member of the Menispora-group of Chae-tosphaeria according to RÉBLOVÁ (2000). RÉBLOVÁ (2000) considered Codinaea as a synonym of Menispora Pers. rather than of Dictyochaeta. Since this situation is not clarified, the new taxon from Taiwan is preliminarily accommodated in Dictyochaeta, but may need to be transferred to Codinaea or Menispora, as new generic circumscriptions arise from future systematic studies of species of Chaetosphaeria and their anamorphs.