Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
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 Scientific Name: Clavatospora bulbosa

Clavatospora bulbosa (Anatosiou) Nakagiri & Tubaki, Botanica Marina 28: 489. 1985.

 Description: Colonies on Oatmeal Agar effuse, to somewhat floccose, olivaceous brown to dark brown; reverse olivaceous brown to dark olivaceous brown. Mycelium partly superficial, partly immersed, composed of branched, occasionally anastomosing, septate, smooth, subhyaline or pale brown, 1.2-2.4 μm wide hyphae. Conidiophores semimacronematous to macronematous, terminal to lateral, mostly simple, rarely branched, straight to flexuous or sinuous, smooth, subhyaline to pale brown, 10.4-44.0 × 2.2-3.2 μm. Conidiogenous cells integrated, cylindrical, monoblastic, proliferating sympodially. Conidia solitary, acrogenous or pleurogenous, branched, consisting of a constricted, 1-septate, 14.4-22.4 × 5.5-8.4 μm major axis and 2-3 divergent (or sometimes irregularly branched), cylindrical or elongated-clavate, constricted, 2-11-septate, 13.6-106.0 × 3.7-9.0 μm, smooth, pale brown or brown simultaneous apical arms; often with a hilum 1.2-4.4 × 1.8-3.2 μm at the base.

Taiwan, Kaohsiung Hsien, Hsiaoliuchiu, on decaying stem, 26 July 1997.

 Habitat: from decaying stem



Chen, JL. 2000; Nakagiri, A and Tubaki, K.1985.


J. L. Chen

 Note: Clavatospora bulbosa (Anatosiou) Nakagiri & Tubakiis similar to C. longibrachiata (Ingold) S. Nilsson ex Marvanova & S. Nilsson, but the latter species has slender apical arms.