Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
 BCRC Number 32308      
 Scientific Name: Aspergillus restrictus

Aspergillus restrictus G. Smith, J. Textile Inst. 22: T115. 1931.

 Description: Colony diameters on Czapek’s Agar 1.3-1.5 cm in 2 weeks at 25°C, dense, rugged, floccose, with fimbriate margins; mycelium white; conidial heads small, indistinct, covered in slime, blackish green-gray (R., Plate LII); reverse uncolored to dark gray green. Colony diameters on M40Y 4.5-5.5 cm in 2 weeks at 25°C, velutinous, tufted or floccose; conidial heads long, narrow, columnar, sometimes twisted, artemisia green to lily green (R., Plate XLVII); reverse colorless to olive brown; vesicles flask shaped, or pyriform, 5.0-13.0 μm in diameter; stipes thin-walled, smooth or roughened, straight or sinuous, uncolored, 78-106 × 2.0-6.0 μm. Aspergilla uniseriate, phialides 4.8-10.3 × 2.4-4.4 μm, covering the upper 2/5 of the vesicle. Conidia elongate, doliiform or ellipsoidal to pyriform, 3.8-9.5 × 3.0-4.4 μm, rough to spinose.

Taiwan, Nantou Pref., from stored soybean seeds, 1 Mar 1988 (CCRC 32308); feedstuff, Taipei City, 7 Mar 1988.

 Habitat: from stored soybean seeds; feedstuff.

Taiwan, Belgium, Netherlands.


Tzean, SS et al. 1990.


S. S. Tzean and J. L. Chen

 Note: Growth of A. restrictus on CZ and MEA very slow, colonies on M40Y grow more rapidly; conidial heads long, narrow, columnar, sometimes twisted, green; aspergilla unise-riate; conidia elongate doliiform, ellipsoidal to pyriform, rough to spinose. A. restrictus is closely related to A. penicillioides, but is distinct by faster growth on M40Y and by doli-iform to ellipsoidal conidia.