Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
 BCRC Number 32148      
 Scientific Name: Aspergillus oryzae var. effusus

Aspergillus oryzae (Ahlb.) Cohn var. effusus (Tiraboschi) Ohara, Res. Bull. Fac. Agric. Gifu Univ. No. 1: 81. 1951.

 Description: Colony diameters on Czapek’s Agar 4.5-5.5 cm in 10 days at 25°C, floccose; conidial heads radiate, or splitting into several loose columns, Kronberg’s green to citron green (R., Plate XXXI); mycelium white; reverse cream color to mustard yellow and pale isabella color (R., Plate XVI, XXX); soluble pigment light yellow; stipes smooth to rough, hyaline, 56-1160 × 6.4-20.6 μm; vesicles globose, subglobose, pyriform to somewhat elongate, 15.8-50.0 μm wide. Aspergilla uniseriate, biseriate, or both coexisting on the same vesicle, metulae cov-ering the entire vesicle, 5.2-36.5 × 2.8-9.5 μm; phialides 4.0-14.3 × 2.8-7.1 μm, hyaline to light yellow; phialides of uniseriate aspergilla covering 1/2 to the entire surface of the vesicle. Conidia subglobose, rarely ellipsoidal or ovoid, 2.8-6.0 μm wide, with walls smooth to irregularly roughened. Colony diameters on Malt Extract Agar larger than 9 cm, floccose, in 10 days at 25°C; co-nidial heads enmeshed within the loosely aerial mycelium, ivy green to citron green (R., Plate XXXI), and olive-ocher to olive-yellow (R., Plate XXX); mycelium white; reverse uncolored to pale buffy olive in center.

Taiwan, Penghu Pref., rare species from peanut field soil, 2 Nov 1987 (CCRC 32148).

 Habitat: from peanut field soil.

Taiwan, USA, Vermont.


Tzean, SS et al. 1990.


S. S. Tzean and J. L. Chen

 Note: Colonies on Czapek’s Agar and Malt Extract Agar floccose, mycelium white; conidial heads enmeshed within the mycelia; aspergilla uniseriate or biseriate; conidia subglobose, smooth to irregularly roughened.