Phylum:Anamorphic fungi >> Class: Anamorphic fungi >>  Order: Anamorphic fungi 
 BCRC Number 32144      
 Scientific Name: Aspergillus flaschentraegeri

Aspergillus flaschentraegeri Stolk, Trans. Br. mycol, Soc. 47: 123. 1964.

 Description: Colony diameters on Czapek’s Agar 2.0-2.5 cm in 10 days at 25°C, floccose; conidial heads radiate or splitting into loose columns, olive-buff to deep olive-buff (R., Plate XL); mycelium ivory yellow to deep colonial buff (R., Plate XXX); exudate colorless to yellow; soluble pigment near garnet brown or morocco red to claret brown (R., Plate I); stipes 130-660 × 8.0-28.0 μm, conspicuous tapering towards the vesicle, smooth, uncolored to pale yellow brown; vesicles globose to subglobose, 20.0-48.0 μm wide. Aspergilla uniseriate, rarely biseriate; phialides covering the entire surface of the vesicle, 5.2-11.0 × 2.3-3.7 μm. Conidia subglobose or ellipsoidal to globose, 2.8-5.6 × 2.2-4.4 μm, hyaline, smooth to finely rough. Colony diameters on Malt Extract Agar 3.5-4.0 cm in 10 days at 25°C, floccose; conidial heads globose, radiate or splitting into very loose or irregular columns, olive-buff to ci-trine-drab or grayish olive to deep grayish olive (R., Plate XL, XLVI); mycelium white to reed yellow or colonial buff to deep colonial buff (R., Plate XXX), and some scattered pig-mented hyphae, spectrum red to carmine (R., Plate I); reverse Kaiser brown to ochraceous-orange (R., Plate XIV, XV).

Taiwan, Chiayi Pref., rare species from soil, 9 Dec 1987 (CCRC 32144); soil, Taipei City, 17 Nov 1989; soil, Chiayi City, 21 Dec 1989.

 Habitat: from soil.

Taiwan, Egypt.


Tzean, SS et al. 1990.


S. S. Tzean and J. L. Chen

 Note: Colonies on Czapek’s Agar growing quite slowly, floccose; mycelium buff; soluble pigment brown, or red brown; stipes gradually narrowing toward the vesicles; vesicles large; aspergilla uniseriate.