Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Poriales 
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 Scientific Name: Skeletocutis carneogrisea

Skeletocutis carneogrisea David, Nat. Can. 109: 246. 1982.

 Description: Basidiocarp annual, resupinate to effused-reflexed, coriaceous when fresh, rigid when dry; pore surface pinkish-gray, becoming slightly pinkish brown when dry, pores angular, 4-6 per mm; tubes cartilaginous and dense, concolorous with the pore surface; context very thin, white and adpressed cottony. Hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae hyaline, 2-4 μm wide, becoming thick-walled, with clamps; skeletal hyphae thick-walled to solid, 3-5 μm in diam. Cystidioles numerous, fusoid, smooth, thin-walled and up to 15 μm long. Basidia clavate, 4-sterigmate, 12-15 × 4-5 μm, with a basal clamp. Basidiospores cylindric, hyaline, IKI-, 3.5-4 × 1-1.3 μm.

Taiwan, Yilan : Fushan, alt. 650 m, on twig of hardwood, Dec 1993, TFRI 568. Taipei : Taipei, alt.<100 m, on twig of hardwood, May 1993, TFRI 575.

 Habitat: Lignicolous causing white rot of wood.

Temperate species in North America, Europe and East Asia.


Chang, TT. 1995.


T. T. Chang

 Note: The species is distinguished by having a grey pore surface and lunate basidiospores.