Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Poriales 
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 Scientific Name: Rigidiporus vinctus

Rigidiporus vinctus (Berk.) Ryv., Norw. J. Bot. 19: 139. 1972.

 Description: Basidiocarp annual, first in small patches but becoming widely effused, up to 10 mm thick, hard when dry, adnate or when old often partly loosened along the margin. Pore surface pale ochraceous buff to light pinkish ochraceous, pores round, 7-11 per mm, almost invisible. Context brown, fibrous, up to 0.5 mm thick. Hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae with simple septa, hyaline and thin-walled, up to 4.0 μm diam., skeletal hyphae thick-walled, apparently nonseptate, hyaline to pale brownish, 3-7 μm diam. Cystidia abundant to rare, heavily apically encrusted, 20-70 × 10-24 μm. Basidiospores ovoid to subglobose, often appearing almost triangular, hyaline smooth and thin-walled, 3.5-5.5 × 3-4 μm, IKI-.

Taiwan, Hsinchu: Chutung, alt. 600 m, on a basal stem of hardwood, Sep 1996, TFRI 771. Ilan: Fushan, alt. 650 m, Oct 1996, TFRI 776. Nantou: Nantou, alt. 700 m, on a basal stem of Thuja orientalis, Oct 1996, TFRI 810.

 Habitat: Lignicolous causing white rot of wood.



Chang, TT and Fu, CS. 1998


T. T. Chang

 Note: The large cystidia and the ovoid to subglobose basidiospores are diagnostic.