Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Poriales 
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 Scientific Name: Ischnoderma resinosum

Ischnoderma resinosum (Fr.) Karst., Soc. Fauna F1. Fenn. 5: 38. 1979.

 Description: Basidiocarp annual, single or rarely imbricate, usually dimidiate with broadly attached, up to 10cm wide and 3cm thick at the base, first fleshy and sappy, later hard and brittle, upper less even, later the tomentum disappears in concentric zones, exposing a slightly glossy black resinous crust, shrinking when dried and with numerous radial furrows and some broad sulcate bands, pore surface first whitish and darker when touched, later pale brown, pores angular to round, 4-6 per mm, context first soft and whitish, with drying and age ochraceous to light cinnamon and quite hard. Hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae with clamps, brownish and very thick walled with a few large, scattered clamps, moderately branched, 4-12 μm wide, skeletal hyphae straight or slightly flexuous, very thick-walled and without side branches, 3-10 μm in diam. Basidiospores allantoid, smooth, hyaline, IKI-, 5-7 × 1.5-2 μm.

Taiwan, Nantou: Nengkao, alt 2,700m, on stem and twig of Tsuga chinensis var. formosana (Hay.) Li et Keng, Sep 1991, TFRI 95.

 Habitat: Lignicolous causing white rot of wood.

Circumglobal species through Northern Asia to West Europe.


Chang, TT. 1994b.


T. T. Chang

 Note: The first fleshy and sappy, later hard and brittle, dimidiate basidiocarps with allantoid basidiospores distinguish the species.