Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Poriales 
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 Scientific Name: Ceriporia alachuana

Ceriporia alachuana (Murr.) Hallenb., Iran. J. Pl. Path. 15: 1. 1979.

 Description: Basidiocarp resupinate; pore surface cream color to tan, the pores angular, 3-5 per mm, subiculum thin, up to 380 μm thick, soft cream color; tube layer up to 2.0 mm thick, tramal tissue concolorous and continuous with subiculum. Hyphal system monomitic, generative hyphae thin-to thick-walled, simple-septate, 2.5-6 μm wide. Basidiospores cylindric to slightly oblong ellipsoid, hyaline, smooth, IKI-, 4-5 × 2-2.5 μm.

Taiwan, Taipei : Tanshui, alt. <100 m, Apr 1994, TFRI 572.

 Habitat: Lignicolous causing white rot of wood.

A circumglobal but rare species with distribution including Europe, Iran, Nepal, Tailand, Southern United States, Taiwan.


Chang, TT. 1996a.


T. T. Chang

 Note: The species is recognized by shorter and thicker spores than those of C. viridans.