Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Polyporales 
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 Scientific Name: Lopharia ayresii

Lopharia ayresii (Berk. & Cooke) Hjortstam, Mycotaxon 54: 188. 1995.

Basionym: Peniophora ayresii Berk. & Cooke, Grevillea 8: 21. 1879.

 Description: Basidiocarp effuse, adnate, subceraceous or ceraceous, 50-300 µm thick in section. Hymenial surface whidsh. Pale Pinkish Buff, Cartridge Buff, Light Buff, or Pale Ochraceous-Buff, smooth, usually pilose due to projecting cystidia, cracked or not cracked; margin paler, thinning, arachnoid-pruinose. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae nodose-septate. Subiculum fairly uniform, mainly composed of basal layer, with compact texture, up to ca. 20 µm thick; hyphae horizontal, colorless, fairly straight, agglutinated, 2.5-4 µm diam., thin- or slightly thick-walled. Hymenial layer with dense texture, thickening; hyphae ± vertical, colorless, indistinct, agglutinated, ± tortuous, 2-3 µm diam., thin-walled. Hyphidia occasionally present. Cystidia numerous, immersed or projecting, colorless, heavily encrusted, subulate, 60-160 × 15-30 µm (encrustation included), with 1-6 µm thick walls, adventitious septa occasionally occur. Basidia subutriform or subclavate, guttulate, 37-47 × 10-12.5 µm, 4-sterig-mate. Basidiospores ellipsoid, adaxially flattened or slightly concave, smooth, thin-walled, with oil-drops, (11-) 11.5-13.5 (-14.5) × 7-8 (-8.5) µm, IKI-, CB-.

Taiwan. Taipei: Beside highway between Hsintien and Pinglin, alt. 350 m, on branch of angiosperm, 17 Apr 1988, Wu 880417-16 (H, LY, TNM), Wu 880417-20 (H, TNM). National Taiwan University, on branch of angiosperm, 19 Aug 1988, Wu 880819 (H, TNM), on branch of Ficus virgata, 13 Oct 1988, Wu 881013-6 (H, L, TNM). Kaohsiung: Liukuei Hsiang, Shanping, alt. 770 m, 14 Jul 1989, Wu 890714-44 (H).

 Habitat: null



Wu, SH. 1990 (as Hyphoderma macrosporum Sheng H. Wu).


S. H. Wu

 Note: This species differs from Lopharia cinerascens (Schwein.) G. Cunn. in having monomitic hyphal system.