Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Polyporales 
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 Scientific Name: Hyphoderma puberum

Basionym: Thelephora pubera Fr.:Fr., Elench. Fung. 1: 215. 1828.

Hyphoderma puberum (Fr.:Fr.) Wallr., Fl. Crypt. Germ. 2: 576. 1833.

 Description: Basidiocarp effuse, adnate, subceraceous, 70-150 μm thick in section. Hymenial surface Cream Color, Ivory Yellow, Pale Pinkish Buff, or Light Buff, smooth, pilose due to project-ing cystidia, rarely cracked; margin paler, thinning, arachnoid-pruinose. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae nodose-septate. Subiculum uniform, composed of medullary layer, with rather loose to dense texture; hyphae ± vertical, moderately ramified, colorless, ± distinct, 3-5 (-6) μm diam., with 0.5-1 μm thick walls. Hymenial layer with rather compact texture, thickening; hyphae fairly vertical, narrower and with thinner walls than those of subiculum. Hyphidia occasionally present. Cystidia of two kinds: (1) Lamprocystidia numerous, immersed or projecting, colorless, heavily encrusted when thick-walled, naked or sparsely encrusted when thin-walled, colorless, subulate, 70-120 × 12-18 μm (encrustation included), with 1-4 μm thick walls. (2) Leptocystidia variably abundant, mostly immersed, cylindrical or tubular, with swollen bases and narrower apices, inclusions staining deeply in phloxine, 30-80 × 8-13 μm, thin- or slightly thick-walled. Basidia subutriform or subclavate, guttulate, 23-33 × 7-8.5 μm, 4-sterigmate. Basidiospores narrowly ellipsoid, adaxially slightly con-cave, smooth, thin-walled, with oil-drops, 8.5-10.5 × 4-5 μm, IKI-, CB-.

Taiwan. Miaoli: Taian Hsiang, Kuanwu, alt. 1,900 m, on bark of fallen angiosperm, 24 Aug 1988, Wu 880824-44 (H, TNM). Nantou: Jenai Hsiang, Meifeng, alt. 2,150 m, on branch of angiosperm, 18 Jul 1988, Wu 880718-35 (H, TNM).

 Habitat: null



Wu, SH. 1990.


S. H. Wu

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