Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Filobasidiales 
 BCRC Number 22362      
 Scientific Name: Cryptococcus luteolus

Basionym: Torula luteola Saito. In Saito, Mitt. Japan. J. Bot. 1: 1-54. 1922.

Cryptococcus luteolus (Saito) E.C. Skinner., Am. Midl. Nat. 43: 242-250. 1950.

 Description: Growth in glucose-yeast extract-peptone broth: After 3 days at 25°C, the cells are globose, spheroidal to short-ellipsoidal, (3.0-5.5) × (4.0-7.0) µm, single or in pairs. Growth on glucose-yeast extract-peptone agar: Aerobic growth is yellow, viscous, smooth, glistening and flat with undulate margin. Dalmau plate culture on corn meal agar: After 7 days at 25°C, pseudohyphae is are formed. Formation of ascospores: Ascospores are not formed.

Taiwan, Hsinchu: Exudate of Paulownia taiwaniana, Jan 1991, BCRC 22362.

 Habitat: Atmosphere, acidic sludge, coastal waters, exudate and leaves of tropical plants.

Japan, Netherlands, Bahamas and Taiwan.


Skinner, EC. 1950.


F. L. Lee

 Note: This species is placed in biological safety level 1.