Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Agaricales 
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 Scientific Name: Xeromphalina campanella

Xeromphalina campanella (Batsch: Fr.) Maire, Icones selectae Fungorum, 6 Texte general 6: 236. 1934.

Basionym: Agaricus campanella Batsch, Elenchus fungorum, continvatio prima (Halle): 73. 1783.

 Description: Pileus 0.8-2 cm, campanulate to flat, orange yellow, glabrous, entire, striate. Gills decurrent, distant of several lengths, creamy white, smooth. Stipe central, 2-3.5 × 0.15-0.2 cm, solid, yellowish brown, powdery. Spores broadly elliptical, hyaline, smooth, I+, 5-6.5 × 2.5-3 μm. Cystidia fusiform. Hyphae with clamps.

Taiwan, Nantou: Meifeng, on soil, 22 June 1994, CWN 00602 (TNM F0002346).

 Habitat: Clustered on wood in broad-leaved forest.

North hemisphere.


Imazeki, R. and Hongo, T. 1987; Breitenbach, J. and Kranzlin, E. 1991; Chang, T. T. et al. 2001.


W. N. Chou

 Note: It is edible.