Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Agaricales 
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 Scientific Name: Cylindrobasidium torrendii

Cylindrobasidium torrendii (Bres. in Torrend) Hjortstam, Mycotaxon 17: 571. 1983.

Basionym: Peniophora torrendii Bres. in Torrend, Broteria, Sér. Bot. 11: 77. 1913.

 Description: Basidiocarp effuse, ± adnate, subceraceous, 50-300 µm thick in section. Hymenial surface white or whitish, smooth or slightly tuberculate, minutely but extensively cracked when old; margin white, arachnoid-pruinose. Hyphal system monomitic; hyphae nodose-septate. Subiculum bi-layered. Basal layer with dense texture, up to ca. 20 μm thick; hyphae horizontal, colorless, usually distinct, rather straight, usually with oil-drops, 3-5 μm diam., thin- or slightly thick-walled. Medullary layer with ± dense texture; hyphae fairly vertical, colorless, ± distinct, tortuous, sometimes guttulate, 2-3.5 μm diam., thin-walled. Crystals usually scattered in subiculum. Hymenial layer with dense texture, ± thickening; hyphae vertical, colorless, slightly narrower than those of subiculum. Cystidia variably abundant, fusiform, with rather homogeneous contents, apically CB+, 25-35 × 6-9 μm, thin-walled. Basidia clavate or subclavate, slightly flexuous, with homogeneous contents, 20-28 × 5-6 μm, 4-sterigmate. Basidiospores pyriform or subglobose, with an oblique and rather prominent apiculus, smooth, thin-walled, with very small oil-drops or rather homogeneous contents, (5.5-) 6-7 (-8) × (3.8-) 4.2-5 (-5.3) μm, sometimes agglutinated in tetrads, IKI-, CB- or somewhat CB+.

Taiwan. Taipei: Beside highway between Sindian and Pinglin, alt. 200 m, on branch of angiosperm, 17 Apr 1988, Wu 880417-1 (H, L, TNM); alt. 300 m, on branch of angiosperm, Wu 880417-13 (GB, H, TNM). National Taiwan University, on branch of Ficus virgata, 24 May 1988, Wu 880524-1 (H, TNM). Hsinchu: Chupu, on branch of angiosperm, 4 Apr 1988, Wu 880404-7 (H, TNM). Nantou: Sun Moon Lake, alt. 800 m , on branch of angiosperm, 26 Oct 1988, Wu 881026-40 (H, TNM).

 Habitat: null

Spain, Portugal, France, Malawi, Tanzania, Canada, U.S.A., China, Taiwan.


Wu, SH. 1990.


S. H. Wu

 Note: This species differs from Cylindrobasidium involutum in its small cystidia and larger basidiospores. It has basidiospores similar to those of C. inusitatum, but the basidiocarp of the latter species is pellicular-membranaceous, with very thin-walled and distinctly cyanophilous subicular hyphae.