Phylum:Basidiomycota >> Class: Basidiomycetes >>  Order: Agaricales 
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 Scientific Name: Amanita ovalispora

Amanita ovalispora Boedijn, Sydowia 5: 320. 1951.

 Description: Pileus convex to plano-convex, margin sulcato-striate, nearly halfway the cap, 5-7 cm in diam., smooth greyish brown. Flesh very thin, white, 1-2 mm thick near the stalk, rapidly thinning out near the margin. Gills free, pure white to cream colour, whitish with occasional pale yellow tint, moderately crowded, 4-5 mm high in the middle. Stem hollow, pure white to grayish white, 7-10 × 0.6-1.0 cm, at first covered by slightly flocculose or small adpressed scales, especially near the base, soon becoming glabrous, attenuated near the apex and not bulbous at the base. Wall of stem about 2 mm broad. Volva free, sheathing the base of the stem, dirty white, with lobed margin, 2.5-3 cm high, 1.5-2 cm broad. Pileipellis a trichodermium of septate hyphae. Basidia 43-57 × 12-18 μm, clavate, 4- spored, sterigmata 8 μm in NH4OH seen to have numerous amorphous refractive yellowish particles scattered, basal septa without clamp. Basidiospores (8.0-)9.0-11.0(-12.0) × (7.0-)7.5-9.0(-10.0) μm, Q = 1.12-1.38, broad elliptical to elliptical, inamyloid, hyaline, smooth, thin-walled. Gill trama bilateral; mediostram 20-35 μm broad, composed of many longitudinal, elliptical to spindle-form inflated cells, 35-80 × 12-20 μm, interwoven with plenty of cylindrical branched hyphae, 2-5 μm broad, clamp connection absent; subhymenium 30-40 μm thick, inflated-ramose type, composed of 2-3 layers cells, inflated cells short elliptical to barrel-shaped. Volva surface layer composed of longitudinally filamentous hyphae, 2-10 μm broad; inner layer composed of dense, hyaline, cylindrical hyphae, 4-10 μm broad, sometimes intercalary inflated, up to 18 μm diam., while the closest layer to stem composed of loose, hyaline, cylindrical hyphae, 3-8 μm broad, inflated cells usually oval to subglose, up to 55-85 × 43-62 μm, with elliptical inflated cells, up to 60-120 × 30-57 μm, single and terminal. Stem trama largely composed longitudinally cylindrical hyphae, up to 250-350 × 23-40 μm, terminal clavate, interwoven filamentous hyphae, 4-8 μm diam. Cheilocystidia sterile, often composed of pyriform to broad clavate, with ovate to short elliptical (25-35 × 20-24 μm), thin-walled, hyaline inflated cells.

Taiwan, Nantou: Sun Moon Lake, alt. 800m, 8 Sept. 1994, Huang, H. W. 789; same location, 12 Jul 2000, Chen, CM. 2413.

 Habitat: Solitary under broad-leaved trees.

Taiwan, China, Indonesia.


Chen, CM et al. 2002.


C. M. Chen

 Note: The distinguishing characters of A. ovalispora are its free volva, hollow stem and the convex to plano-convex pileus with sulcato-striate margin, which extends to nearly halfway of the cap. Lamellae are gray-brownish in color when dried, a distinct characters for the species.