Phylum:Myxomycota >> Class: Myxomycetes >>  Order: Trichiales 
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 Scientific Name: Perichaena vermicularis var. microsperma

Perichaena vermicularis (Schw.) Rost. var. microsperma Y. Yamam. & Nann.-Brem., Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wet. C. 98: 323. 1995.

 Description: Fructifications plasmodiocarpous, gregarious, short to elongate, pulvinate or flexuous, 0.29-0.44 mm in diameter, 0.51-2.5 mm long. Peridium thin, of two closely combined layers; the outer layer ochraceous, more or less grannular, the inner layer membranous, transparent and papillate; dehiscence irregular. Capillitium consisting of yellow threads, the threads branched, sinuous, rough, with spinules or warts on the surface, with occasional swellings. Spores orange yellow in mass, pale yellow by transmitted light, globose to subglobose, spinulate or warted, 7.5-10.0 μm in diameter. Plasmodium yellow, tinted with orange color. Plasmodium yellow.

Taipei City: Shihlin, Yangmingshan National Park, 9 Mar 2001 (moist-chamber culture: 2/15-3/9), CHL B2289; 28 June 2001 (moist-chamber culture: 6/4-6/28), CHL B2290; 13 July 2001 (moist-chamber culture: 6/4-7/13), CHL B2291; 28 Sept. 2001 (moist-chamber culture: 8/18-9/28), CHL B2292.

 Habitat: On fallen twigs and leaves of Liquidambar formosana.

Japan, Taiwan.


Yamamoto, Y and Nananga-Bremekamp, NE. 1995; Liu, CH et al. 2002a.


C. H. Liu

 Note: The varity differs from the type variety vermicularis only in having smaller spores (7.5-10 μm). In the var. vermicularis the spore is larger than 10.0 μm in diameter.