Phylum:Myxomycota >> Class: Myxomycetes >>  Order: Trichiales 
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 Scientific Name: Metatrichia vesparium

=Hemitrichia vesparium (Batsch) Macbr., N. Am. Slime Moulds 203. 1899.

Lycoperdon vesparium Batsch, Elench. Fung. Contin. 1: 253. 1786.

Metatrichia vesparium (Batsch)Nann.-Brem., Proc. K. Ned. Akad. Wet. C 69: 348. 1966.

 Description: Fructification sporangiate, in clusters of 2-20 each, 1.0-2.5 mm high. Sporangia stipitate, or almost sessile, clavate or subcylindrical, 1.0-1.5 mm long, up to 0.6 mm at the widest rounded top, dark red, red-brown (rusty red), fading to dark color, shining. Stalks usually fused, with clusters of sporangia erect on the apex, brownish red or darker, furrowed, solid. Peridium opaque, firm, dehiscent by a preformed dome-shaped lid near the apex. Capillitium rusty red, consisting of twisting but rarely branched, free threads, marked with prominent spines and 3-4 spiral bands, the ends bluntly pointed, 5-6 μm in diameter. Spores brownish red in mass, globose, subglobose, or ovoid, faintly warted, 8-10 (-11) μm in diameter.

Nantou County: Yuchih Hsiang, 26 Nov 1979, CHL M33. Taoyuan County: Mt. La-la, 12 Nov 1982, CHL B174.

 Habitat: On rotten hard wood, in a very moist shady place.

Cosmopolitan; reported from Europe, North and south America, Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan.


Martin, GW and Alexopoulos, CJ. 1969; Liu, CH. 1980.


C. H. Liu

 Note: A very distinctive species in the woods, on rotten and very moist hard wood. Usually recognized at sight by its color and fasciculate habit. The preformed operculum, the tough and opaque sporangial wall , and the twisted capillitial threads with prominent spines are also characters unmistakable.