Phylum:Myxomycota >> Class: Myxomycetes >>  Order: Trichiales 
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 Scientific Name: Hemitrichia calyculata

=Hemitrichia stipitata (Massee) T. Macb., N. Am. Slime-Moulds 207. 1899.

Hemitrichia calyculata (Speg.) Farr, Mycologia 66: 887. 1974.

Hemiarcyria calyculata Sepg., An. Soc. Cient. Argent. 10: 152. 1880.

 Description: Fructification sporantiate, gregarious, or scattered, total height 1.2-3.0 mm. Sporangia stipitate, obpyriform, turbinate, honey yellow before rupturing, 0.5-1.25 mm in diameter. Stalk dark redish brown, at least 0.5 mm in length (about half or a little more than half of the total height). Peridium thin, yellow, shining, opening above, one-half or less, persistent as calyculus, finely papillate or delicately reticulate within. Hypothallus membranous, restricted to the individual base. Capillitium a dense elastic net with few free ends, Isabella- color after spores discharged, the threads smooth, with 4 or 5 spiral bands, 6-7 (-7.5) μm in diameter. Spores bright yellow (cream- buff to chamois) in mass, pale by transmitted light, globose, subglobose, delicately reticulate under oil lens, appearing spinulose in high dry lens, 7-8 (-8.5) μm in diameter.

Nantou County: Yü-ch’ih Hsiang, 26 Oct 1981, CHL M385; Taipei County: Wu-lai Hsiang, 14 Mar 1982, CHL B41. Tainan City: 4 Aug 1986, CHL B610. Kaohsiung County: Ken-ting National Park, 28 Sept 1986, CHL B656. Pingtung County: Man-chou Hsiang, Wan-li-tê Mt, 3 Aug. 1995, CHL B1790.

 Habitat: On decaying wood.



Liu, CH. 1982.


C. H. Liu

 Note: This species is distinctive by its growth habit, and is readily distinguished from H. clavata by the nearly cylindrical stalk.