Phylum:Myxomycota >> Class: Myxomycetes >>  Order: Trichiales 
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 Scientific Name: Arcyria obvelata

Embolus obvelatus Oeder, Fl. Dan. f. 9. t. 536. 1770.

Arcyria obvelata (Oeder) Onsberg, Mycologia 70: 1286. 1978.

=Arcyria nutans (Bull.) Grev., Fl. Edin. 455. 1824.

 Description: Fructification sporangiate, gregarious or tightly clustered in large developments. Sporangia shortly stipitate to nearly sessile, cylindrical, pale ochraceous, drooping, to about 1mm wide and 7 mm long when expanded. Peridium early fugacious cxcept for a basal cup, the calyculus. Calyculus ochraceous, shallow, shining. Stalk yellowish brown, up to 1 mm long. Hypothallus membranous, common to a cluster. Capillitium highly elastic, ochraceous, easily separated from the calyculus when fully expanded, capillitial thread 4.8-6.2 μm in diameter, marked by prominent spines, cogs, and half rings. Spores pale ochraceous in mass, colorless by transmitted light, smooth with scattered warts, 7.5-8.5 (-9.7) μm in diameter.

Pingtung County: Nanjenshan forest, 5 Sept 1995, Y.F. Chen 23; Wan-li-tê Mt., 9 July 1996, Y.F. Chen 267; 4 Sept 1996, Y.F. Chen 307.

 Habitat: On decaying wood or dead wood.



Nannenga-Bremekamp, NE. 1991; Hattori, H. 1935.


C. H. Liu

 Note: The long, pale ochraceous and shortly stipitate sporangia which are drooping at maturity are distinct characters separating this species from other species of Arcyria.