Phylum:Chytridiomycota >> Class: Chytridiomycetes >>  Order: Spizellomycetales 
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 Scientific Name: Rhizophlyctis variabilis

Rhizophlyctis variabilis Karling, Sydowia 20:104-105. 1968.

 Description: On pine pollen: Sporangium epibiotic, subspherical, 30-70 μm in diameter, with 1-5 discharge papillae, papilla broad to 15 μm, gelatinous material within papilla, rhizoids extending between pollens. Zoospores spherical, 4-5 μm in diameter, with a golden globule, posterior flagellum 24-25 μm long. Resting spore epibiotic or interbiotic, spherical, thick-walled, nonsmooth, 12.5-20 μm in diameter, with a large eccentrical oil globule. On 1/4 YpSs agar: Immature sporangium with a large vacuole, zoospore cleavage begins from center and base; mature sporangium bears a single rhizoidal trunk at base, or massive, multibranched arising from several points from its base, main axis 3.5-5 μm in diameter, branches extending for distance up to 150 μm. Zoospores swarm in a vesicale before dispersing. Color of colony yellow brown to khaki.

Taiwan. Taipei: Pinghsi, stream water, 16 Jul. 1992, NTNU 101b. Isolated on pine pollen from water. This species is a new record to Taiwan.

 Habitat: Fresh water.

New Zealand, Taiwan.


Chen, SF and Chien, CY. 1995; Karling, JS. 1968.


S. F. Chen

 Note: Sporangial papilla hemiglobose, broad to 15μm, is the main character. Our isolate is different from that of Karling's (1968) by the non-smooth, thick-walled resting spore.