Phylum:Chytridiomycota >> Class: Chytridiomycetes >>  Order: Chytridiales 
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 Scientific Name: Rhizophydium chlorogonii

Rhizophydium chlorogonii (Serbinow) Jaczewski, Opredelitel Gribov. Sovershennye Griby (Diploidnye Stadii). I. Fikomitsety (Phycomycetes) p.38. 1931.

Basionym: Phlyctidium chlorogonii Serbinow, Bot. Zap. 24:156. 1907.

 Description: On 1/4YpSs agar: Sporangium spherical, 20-37.5 μm diam., with one to six papillae. Rhizoids fine, arising from an ovate or peg-like extension. Zoospores globose, about 3 μm diam., escaping individually from discharge pore, remaining motileless before swimming away with a hopping motion. Color of colony orange yellow.

Taiwan. Hualien: Hsiukuluan, creek water, 25 Aug. 1993, NTNU 1601; Taitung: Pahsientung, creek water, 25 Aug. 1993, NTNU 1602; Chialapan, creek water, 30 Oct. 1993, NTNU 1703. Isolated on pine pollen from all water samples.

 Habitat: Fresh water.

Russia, Great Britain, Taiwan.


Chen, SF and Chien, CY. 1995; Chen, SF and Chien, CY. 1998.


S. F. Chen

 Note: Rhizophydium chlorogonii differs from R. laterale in the number of discharge papillae. In addition, the colony color of R. laterale is distinctly yellow (Chen and Chien, 1995).