Phylum:Zygomycota >> Class: Zygomycetes >>  Order: Mucorales 
 BCRC Number 32483     32487      
 Scientific Name: Mucor recurvus var. recurvus

Mucor recurvus Butler var. recurvus, Mycologia 44: 561. 1952.

 Description: Colonies gray, up to 26 mm in height, filling Petri dish at 20°C in 5 days; sporangiophores 7.5-15.0 μm in diam, branched monopodially or sympodially; transitorily recurved when young, straight at maturity, with or without yellow contents; sporangia globose, pale yellow when young, brownish-yellow at maturity, 40-130 μm in diam, with encrusted, deliquescent spiny walls; columellae subglobose, applanate or conical, irregular in shap, 25.0-53.8 × 25.0-65.0 μm with yellowish contents and collars mainly composed of needle-shaped crystals; sporangiospores oval or ellipsoidal, 3.9-4.9 μm in diam (L/B=1.3-2.0); growth and sporulation from 10°C to 40°C, optimum growth temperature at 30°C.

BCRC 32483, from soil, Taiwan, Taitung; BCRC 32487, from soil, Taiwan, Mainaon.

 Habitat: soil, decaying wood, diseased root of Fragaria sp.,

Taiwan, Macedonia, USA, Australia,


Liou, GY et al. 1993; Schipper, MAA 1973.


C. Y. Chien and G. Y. Liou

 Note: This species can be recognized by its sporangiophores which are at first bent, but later become erect, and the smaller sporangia.