Phylum:Zygomycota >> Class: Zygomycetes >>  Order: Mucorales 
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 Scientific Name: Mucor hiemalis

Mucor hiemalis Wehmer, Ann. Mycol. 1, 39: 1-9. 1903.

 Description: Turf cream white, 1.8 cm high; Sporangiophore smooth, with oil droplets inside, 8-12 μm wide, usually simple, later forming a branch; sporangia globose, light brown, 43.7-60 μm in diam, wall deliquescent, leaving a collar; columella nearly globose or ellipsoidal, 21-30 × 20-28 μm, smooth, with oil droplets inside; spores ellipsoidal, varied in size, 4.0-6.4 × 2-3.3 μm, with the ratio of width against length 1.7-2:1, smooth, with oil granules in two ends; heterothallic, zygosporangia at first light brown, dark brown when mature, globose, 64-90 μm in diam, suspensors unequal, the larger ones 20-32 μm in diam, the smaller ones 8-112 μm in diam.

D7501, D 7502 isolated from rabbit dung, Taipei city, Aug. 1986.

 Habitat: null



Ho, HM. 1988; Schipper, MAA. 1973;1978.


H. M. Ho

 Note: These two isolates were identified as M. hiemalis based on the following characters which also described by Shipper and Zycha for M. hiemalis: sporangial wall deliquescent; turf cream white; length and width ratio 1.7-2:1; spore size and shape varied; sporangia diam. less than 100 μm.