Phylum:Zygomycota >> Class: Zygomycetes >>  Order: Mucorales 
 BCRC Number 32500     32496     32497      
 Scientific Name: Mucor circinelloides f. janssenii

Mucor circinelloides f. janssenii van Tieghem (Lender) Schipper, Stud. Mycol. 12: 13. 1976.

Basionym: Mucor janssenii Lendn. [as 'janseni']., In Bull. Herb. Boissier, 2 sér. 7: 251. 1907.

 Description: Colonies gray to dark gray, up to 3 mm in height, filling Petri dish at 20°C in 5 days; sporangiophores 5-10 μm in diam, tall sporangiophores at first simple, then branching sympodially or repeatedly, branches repeatedly near the basal part, rarely later monopodial; short sporangiophores repeatedly branched, circinate branches occur; sporangia globose, pale yellow when young, blackish-gray when mature, 35-65 μm in diam, with encrusted breaking walls; columellae globose, subglobose, or obovoid, with granular contents and collars, 10.8-29.7 × 12.2-37.8 μm, predominantly less than 30 μm; sporangiospores globose, subglobose or broadly ellipsoidal, 4.3-7.1 μm in diam (L/B=1.0-1.1), predominantly globose; chlamydospores abundant, subglobose to ellipsoidal, 13.5-18.9 × 13.5-25.6 μm; heterothallic; growth from 5°C to 37°C, optimum growth temperature 20°C to 30°C, sporulation from 10℃ to 30°C.

BCRC 32496, from soil, Taiwan; BCRC 32497, from sufu, Taiwan, Taipei; BCRC 32500, from compost, Taiwan, Taipei.

 Habitat: mostly in soil, on dung, animal, human, and fermented food, sufu, in Taiwan.



Chien, CY 1972; Ho, HM et al., 1974; Schipper, MAA 1976.


C. Y. Chien and G. Y. Liou

 Note: This species is distinguished by the subglobose sporangiospores, recurved sporangiophores and blackish sporangia.