Phylum:Zygomycota >> Class: Zygomycetes >>  Order: Mucorales 
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 Scientific Name: Absidia spinosa

Absidia spinosa Lendner, Bull. Herb. Boiss. Ser. II, 7: 250. 1907.

 Description: Colonies rapidly growing at 25oC, at first light gray, later gray, and at ten days brown. Turf up to 2.7 cm high. Rhizoids present. Sporangiophores 5-12.5 μm wide, 170-278 μm long, typically with a septum 17-25 μm below the apophysis, simple or 2-6 arranged in a whirl growing from stolon, usually with one branch. Sporangia pyriform, 22.8-30 × 19-26.6 μm, surface smooth, sporangial wall deliquescing at maturity leaving a collar. Colummellae hemispherical, 15-22.5 μm in diam, smooth, surmounting a funnel-shaped apophysis, projections usually present on upper surface. Sporangiospores cylindrical, 5 × 2.5-3.75 μm, smooth, rounded at both ends. Zygospores scattered in the aerial mycelium, globose, dark brown, 60-89 × 30-45 μm in diam, suspensors unequal, the larger ones 34 × 20-24 μm, the smaller ones 6-8 × 18-20 μm, finger-like projections growing from larger suspensor and surrounding the zygospore.

S-33, isolated from soil, Kenting National Park, Pingtung, Taiwan, April, 1979.

 Habitat: null

Australia; France; Germany; India; Israel; Switzerland; Taiwan; UK; USA.


Hesseltine, CW. & Ellis, JJ. 1964; Ho, HM. and Chien, CY. 1979.


H. M. Ho

 Note: We identified this isolate as Absidia spinosa based on its’ following distinct characters: cylindrical spores; rapidly growing; gray-colored turf; zygospores present (Hesseltine and Ellis, 1964).