Phylum:Zygomycota >> Class: Zygomycetes >>  Order: Entomophthorales 
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 Scientific Name: Zoophthora aphidis

Zoophthora aphidis (Hoffmann in Fresenius) Batko, Bull. Acad. Polon. Sci., Ser. Sci. Biol. 12: 405. 1964.

 Description: Dead aphids attached to underside of leaves by rhizoids, body covered with dense mycelia, initially white when fresh, becoming pale yellow (3-4A3) to greyish orange (5A-B4-6) in age. Rhizoids abundant, emerging ventrally or latero-ventrally, monohyphal, 4.8-6.8 μm in diam., with disk-like ending. Hyphal bodies hyphae-like, or irregularly rounded. Conidiophores branched. Primary conidia 15.9-37.7 × 7.1-14.3 μm, L/D=2.09-3.78, mononucleate, elongate, slightly fusiform, sometimes curved, apex rounded or conically tapering, papilla distinct, conical or rounded, occasionally pointed. Secondary conidia resembling primary conidia, 20.6-29.4 × 7.9-11.1 μm, L/D=2.76-3.36, or capilliconidia. Capilliconidia 20.6-31.7 × 7.9-11.1 μm, L/D=2.46-2.96, elongate falciform, sometimes papillate at one or both ends. Capillary slender, 96.8-108.7 × 2.4-3.2 μm. Resting spores not observed.

Taiwan, Taipei City, National Taiwan University farm, on green peach aphids, Myzus persicae Sulzer, Homoptera, Ho.253, 31 Dec 1994. L. S. Hsieh.

 Habitat: on green peach aphids.

Taiwan, CH, PL.


Tzean, SS et al. 1997.


S. S. Tzean and L. S. Hsieh

 Note: common recorded species.